Business Contracts and AgreementS

Before you commit to anything in writing on behalf of your business, it is essential that you understand the legal and commercial implications of the documents you are signing.


The specific terms, conditions and warranties contained in service or supply agreements, heads of agreements or other contracts can impact your business in ways that may be contrary to your expectations and the purpose for which you entered into the agreement in the first place. This is especially true if you are presented with an agreement prepared by the other party and you have not obtained legal advice on its contents.

When things go wrong, the documentation you have signed (or failed to sign) is always the first point of reference to resolve any issue or dispute that may arise, and can be relied on in any legal proceedings that may follow.


Ambiguity or lack of detail in these documents or warranties and liabilities your business may have inadvertently agreed to accept can mean the difference between the best outcome for your business or potentially disastrous consequences.

The Contract

We can provide advice and draft the required documentation, or review agreements you have been presented with to ensure they accurately reflect the agreement you have reached, limit your liability and protect your business interests.