Retirement Villages and Lifestyle Resorts

Retirement presents an exciting time in life – an opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle free of the stresses and strains of work, and a time to spend your days doing what makes you happy, with the people who make you happy.

At this time, many retirees are looking to downsize their home and upsize their lifestyle by making the move to a retirement village.  

Moving to a retirement village can tick many boxes for retirees. Many villages offer great facilities and services and residents enjoy a sense of community and safety.

Additionally, there is often far less time and work involved in maintaining a home and garden within a village.


Whilst there are many things to consider when it comes to deciding on the right village for you, getting expert legal advice and seeking guidance early on in the process from a lawyer experienced in the industry should be on the top of your list.


Just as there are many different types of villages, there are also many different types of contracts, legal structures and types of ownership for each village.

Retirement village contracts are very different from a standard residential property contract and can often be confusing.


​We have unique experience in the retirement living property industry. You can take advantage of our legal and practical expertise when it comes to:​

  • Navigating the various options (and types of contracts) available when considering moving into a village

  • Practical information and guidance on what to expect when moving into a lifestyle village

  • Understanding retirement village contracts, associated disclosure documents, fees, charges and ongoing costs

  • Advice on leaving a retirement village, departure entitlements and exit fees

  • Understanding the contractual and legal obligations of both the resident and the village operator

  • Retirement village disputes

  • Retirement village questions of law

  • Other legal issues that may arise in a retirement village





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Village Advisors is our Retirement Living division. We have a team of experienced and caring retirement living lawyers to guide you through your retirement village customer journey. We explain the legal documentation, provide practical advice and support, and take care of the paperwork and all legal aspects for your peace of mind.




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